4 Reasons You Need to Shred Your Old Media & Electronics

Posted on: May 22, 2017

Deciding how to handle non-paper media and old electronics can be a challenge for many businesses. Through routine use and staying up to date, you can accumulate massive amounts of junk and mess, much of which is hard to destroy or rid yourself of easily. Thus, your best solution comes to light by way of the experts at TrueShred—secure media shredding services. But why should you shred old media, rather than simply trash it? Let’s talk about it today!

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4 Big Reasons to Shred Old Media

Why should you shred your media, and further, why should you hire a pro to do it? You may be surprised to find that the process holds many advantages for you and your business. You should shred media and electronics because:

  • It is far safer. Media can include a wide variety of things, from microfiche to hard drives, and the vast majority of these have loads of easy to access information that could be critical to your business’s security. A savvy scoundrel can quickly harvest tons of sensitive information, accounting figures, employee IDs, and even more. Secure shredding service means your old media is completely, safely, gotten rid of for good.
  • It’s much more reliable. Foregoing professional shredding puts the onus on your in-house team, and that’s not always a great idea. Not only can it eat up valuable time and take them away from more vital tasks, it can also be an iffy choice on occasion. Not every employee or associate is as reliable as another, and you may wind up in trouble because of negligence or wilful malice.
  • It’s far easier. Effectively destroying media can be hard. Cassettes and tapes are tough and difficult to destroy effectively, and electronic devices and storage systems like hard drives are difficult to actually destroy completely. Even in bits, if you miss the more vital components the hard disk can still be harvested. Professional service teams are equipped with specially designed trucks that can shred anything, safely, quickly, and easily.
  • It’s better for the environment! Professional shredding services tend to utilize recycling services in tandem with shredding, ensuring usable resources are deconstructed safely, then brought to the right folks to find the materials a new purpose. Recycling is a big part of the TrueShred process, and we’re proud to help out our local environment as best we can.

Media & Electronic Shredding in DC and Virginia

When you need reliable, trustworthy media and electronic shredding services, you can always count on the TrueShred team! We shred all forms of media and “unconventional” items, including:

  • Hard Drives
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Computer components and hard drives
  • Microfiche and x-rays
  • Videotapes and cassette tapes
  • Uniforms and ID badges

When you’re looking for single or ongoing shredding services, contact the experts at TrueShred! You can reach us online today, or give us a call at (888) 322-3218 for your free service quote!

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