5 Documents Fraudsters Don’t Want You to Shred

Posted on: December 20, 2017

Are you one of those people who finds themselves constantly second guessing about whether or not to toss out a file, a paper, or a document? If so, great! In a world where security breaches and identity theft are absolutely rampant, it’s wise to be as cautious as possible. But even so, some of the most cautious clients and people we know can make mistakes. Want to know five common documents that thieves don’t want you to shred or destroy? TrueShred is here to clue you in!

Be Sure to Shred These Five Things

Realistically speaking there are a lot more documents that a potential identity thief or fraudster might want to lift from your filing folders. But out of them all, we tend to find these five particularly common for folks to ignore or think are “okay” to just toss in a bin.

  • Receipts. We’ve covered the topic of what’s safe to shred and what’s safe to toss in regards to receipts ad nauseum. But in case you’ve not been keeping up, the verdict is this: shred it all. Any number, any address, or any bit of info that can be lifted from a receipt presents a breadcrumb trail you don’t want to be leaving.
  • Mail information. We understand that seemingly innocent things like letter faces, packaging labels, shipping labels, and similar bits that come via FedEx or UPS are pretty easy to disregard. Don’t! Tracking codes and account numbers are very commonly found on these bits of sticker or paper, and they can be very appetizing for a would-be thief.
  • Electronic media. Every single year media digs its way deeper and deeper into business. It’s gotten to the point where a flash drive can usurp entire filing cabinets or storage rooms! So when it comes time to cycle that info out don’t neglect to have it shredded.
  • Resumes. Resumes are essentially a big presentation for a person’s identity. There are addresses, business references, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, acquaintances, and even family members listed on them. In other words, don’t neglect these, whether they are your own or ones you’re handling from potential employees.
  • Your recycling bin. Okay so a recycling bin isn’t a single document, per se. It’s tons of documents. But while you might think recycling is just as effective as document destruction, you’re unfortunately quite incorrect. There are many risks to recycling on your own, so leave it to pros. We fully support sustainability and green practices! You just have to know how to do it safely.

Secure Document Destruction and Media Shredding in MD, VA, and DC

So what do you do next time you’ve got any of the above on-hand? Keep it on hand until it can be shredded! A lot has been done to discourage security breaches in recent years, but in some ways that only means potential fraudsters are becoming more resourceful, so don’t present them with any opportunities.

Need secure shredding services for your business or home office in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia? Contact TrueShred today for your one-time or ongoing service quote!

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