How to Choose a GSA-Approved Shredding Company

Posted on: July 25, 2016

GSA Approval is a status used to describe organizations that have been approved to sell to the United States Government through the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). The GSA is the purchasing department of the U.S. Government and lists contracts or schedules that potential vendors can bid on to get government business. Knowing this, how should you go about choosing the right GSA shredding vendor for your government agency? The experts at TrueShred have put together some advice to help you during the selection process.

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Choosing a GSA-Approved Vendor in the DC Area

When looking to hiring a GSA-Approved shredding company, the vendor should:

  • Offer secure document destruction. We offer only on-site document destruction, lauded by many experts as the most secure shredding method available. When sensitive information is taken to a remote location for shredding, the chain of custody is broken. Materials may be handled and sorted by different parties, and the shredding process may even be subcontracted. Government agencies are bound by the highest confidentiality and security requirements—which TrueShred meets confidently.
  • Screen all prospective employees. We understand that you have high expectations when it comes to destroying the sensitive information found on the documents in your government agency. Because of this, you must find a document shredding company that undergoes a thorough screening process when hiring their employees. You don’t want just anyone shredding this information! When you entrust TrueShred for GSA-approved document destruction, you can rest easy knowing we put all our employees through a thorough screening and hiring process to ensure we have the best team handling your sensitive documents.
  • Have the necessary insurance. Does the company you are looking to hire pass the insurance requirements to be a GSA-approved vendor? You’d be surprised at the scams out there. Plenty of untrustworthy “shredding companies” will try to get your business only to steal your private information—which is the last thing your government agency needs. When hiring a company, make sure they are trustworthy and pass the necessary insurance requirement.

Why Choose TrueShred as Your GSA Shredding Vendor?

There are many reasons to choose TrueShred as your GSA-approved shredding vendor, including:

  • You know in advance that our pricing has been vetted by the powers that be.
  • You know we are in compliance with federal procurement regulations and other requirements—so you don’t have to do additional research.
  • We are a SWaM certified company (#670655).
  • We offer quantity discounts.
  • Our minimum order is just $100.
  • We have a variety of secure containers for your facility’s use:
    • 90-lb capacity secure locking console
    • 250-lb capacity secure locking bin
    • 340-lb capacity secure locking bin
  • We serve agencies throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

GSA-Approved Shredding Company Serving Washington, DC

We are a GSA-Approved shredding company serving the Greater Washington, DC area.

TrueShred has a GSA pricing schedule, giving us the approved vendor status that local, state, and federal government agencies and offices need to employ our services. This policy ensures that agencies at all levels may take advantage of the secure government on-site shredding services offered by TrueShred.

Please See Schedule 36, Contract #GS-03F-0131FY For Pricing Details.

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