DIY Paper Shredding vs. Hiring a Professional Shredding Company

Posted on: June 19, 2017

We’re not certain anyone would really call paper shredding fun, per se. But it is certainly a task that needs doing, lest we all be swiftly buried in a veritable mountain of useless cellulose and lost productivity (we can practically feel the papercuts). But should the task belong to in-house personnel, or should you outsource your shredding needs?

At TrueShred we’re about helping you find the best options and solutions for handling your shredding needs. Even when it comes to talking about doing it yourself! Want to know which option comes out on top? Let’s discuss!

Looking for professional, secure shredding services in the DC metro area of Washington? Contact TrueShred today to learn about the benefits of working with our superior service teams!

Doing It Yourself Versus Hiring a Pro

Really in the end it’s going to come down to which one benefits you best, of course. What saves you the most time and money? What works best for your business? Questions, questions—and we’ve got answers for you.

  • Which is more secure? The answer here isn’t necessarily an easy one. Saying professionals are sure to be safer and more secure would be casting doubt on your employees, which we have no intention of doing. But we will say that professionals are better equipped for security. Professionals are HIPAA-compliant, NAID AAA Certified, and the chain of custody is never broken.
  • Which is more cost-effective? There’s an argument to be had here, but on average you actually (believe it or not) save money by choosing a pro. Why? Professionals get the job done fast and efficiently, and save you a) the cost of purchasing and maintaining shred equipment and b) save you the cost of hiring, training, and paying someone to solely shred documents.
  • Which is more reliable? Professional service, of course! We’ve dedicated our business to solely shredding. We chose the shred life, and honestly we really like it. Not only do we like what we do, and not only is it our sole business, but we’re properly equipped to get the job done efficiently, too.
  • Is there a benefit to things being “official”? There is! With every shredding service from a pro you get a Certificate of Destruction, which helps you keep tabs and records on what has been processed and handled securely.
  • What’s more environmentally-friendly? You could go out of your way to hunt down a recycling company. But would you find one that is guaranteed to be completely safe, and one that will securely handle every bit of paper that you drop off? It’s hard to find reliability sometimes! But professional shredding companies use single source recycling agencies that are 100% secure (plus our trucks shred things beyond any legibility anyway).

Secure Document Shredding in Washington, DC

Thinking a professional service wins overall? We do, too. TrueShred is dedicated to offering solutions that are cost, time, and business efficient, offering you a clear advantage in safe and secure document destruction. Contact us now to learn more about our service can do for you, or to set a date for your service!

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