Why a Document Retention Policy Is Important for Your Business

Posted on: June 5, 2017

A fancy way of saying “paper management,” document retention policies are a method of organizing documents and paperwork within your business on a consistent basis. A retention policy is typically pursued as a way of organizing and presenting, allowing you to make more educated decisions on what can be destroyed, what needs to be kept, and what needs to be temporarily held.

But is the process worth it? Is it worth devoting time and manpower to drafting up a policy, the hassle of implementing it, and the constant pressure of keeping it in action? Yes, yes, and very yes! Honestly speaking drafting a document retention policy doesn’t even need to be hard, and its benefits far outweigh any negative connotations. Follow along with TrueShred while we tell you why!

Is Document Retention Necessary?

There is no specific law or regulation for retaining documents, no. But failing to do so can land you in tons of hot water. One mishandled paper, one deleted file, a quick canning of a desk full of documents—any of these are all it takes to land in a legal mess, lose important income or capital, or even worse. It’s safe to say your retention policy is one of the few things that really has your back as a business.

Benefits of a Document Retention Policy

What does an effective policy do for you? How about:

  • Protection. If you find yourself in the midst of a legal action, or you’re called to present very specific documented information, can you do it? If not you could be risking a ton, putting yourself through a lot more hassle (and potential trouble) than is needed. With a policy in place you know what is needed, and you know where it is.
  • Organization. Businesses generate absolute loads of paper every single day. Every single hour for that matter! Things can pile up fast, and if you don’t have a plan in place you stand to either clutter your business to no end (which is hugely detrimental to office productivity), or do full sweeps and potentially get rid of vital paperwork and records.
  • Storage. When everything is nice and neatly organized you’ll find that you have a lot more space available than before. Suddenly desks are nice and neat, files are pleasantly stored away, and you might even find ways to reduce clutter even further by replacing bad storage options with better, more efficient ones.
  • Cleanliness. What doesn’t get stored is superfluous, and can thus be removed from the premises, or more preferably securely destroyed. That means no more clutter or mess, but if you use a professional shredding service it also means you never have to worry about jeopardizing security.

Secure Excess Document Shredding in Washington, DC

Looking for a professional, secure, and experienced shredding service to help you enact your document retention and removal policy? TrueShred is uniquely equipped to help clients get the secure and dependable shredding services you need! Contact our shredding team today to learn about scheduling a service, or to find out about the benefits of ongoing service with TrueShred!

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