How Secure Is Your DC Area Business?

Posted on: September 20, 2016

Office security is a crucial aspect of any business, from the public to the private sector. Employees, assets, and data are at risk of breach, theft, and physical harm, and appropriate measures should be taken to enhance workplace security by using a number of preventive measures. Office security should encompass all areas of vulnerability, including physical security for front line employees, cyber security to safeguard data, and secure methods for the disposal of confidential paper records. Here are some great tips to help keep client and company data secure from start to finish.

1. Prioritize.

Make data security a top priority in your workplace and train employees on the best methods for storing, retrieving, and destroying sensitive data. Revisit the topic periodically to keep employees abreast of the latest technology, practices, and security threats to maximize education.

2. Keep Sensitive Information Under Lock and Key.

Identify sensitive data and take the appropriate measures to safeguard it in accordance with where it is stored. Paper documents for example, should be stored in locked file cabinets, whereas digital files should remain behind a secure firewall with up to date virus and malware protection and data encryption. Computers should be locked down with strong password protection when not in use.

3. Restrict access.

Designate which personnel have access to sensitive data on an individual or departmental basis. IT administration can put restrictions in place for digital data, including passwords, pass keys, and/or pass codes for use of your computer network or print devices. Keep records of who accesses your data and when to create a trail in the event that information goes missing or is compromised.

4. Adhere to regulations.

Regulatory compliance is critical and must be followed throughout the lifecycle of the document, including its destruction. In the case of government agency files, audit trails should be established and a Certificate of Destruction issued each time files are destroyed.

5. Cover your bases.

In addition to paper documents and digital files stored on your computer or cloud network, items like multi-function printers, smartphones, and tablets are also at risk for a security breach. Implement strict policies with regards to personal and wireless devices, and take measures to ensure printer hard drives are erased and the data within is unrecoverable before they leave your premises. House office printers in a secure location and set print restrictions according to user or department with pass code requirements for added protection.

6. Shred.

Your best line of defense against identity theft or breach of information is to hire a professional, on-site secure document destruction company to dispose of your sensitive and confidential documents. The process ensures a secure chain of command, from the moment documents are place in to secure, locked, bins or consoles, and continues as skilled technicians arrive to collect the items to be shredded. Your documents are transported to the mobile, on-site shredding unit and at no time are they touched by hand or vulnerable to theft. Documents are shredded in to small pieces and mixed in with existing shredded material, making reconstruction impossible. At the end of the process, you are issued a Certificate of Destruction and can rest easy knowing that 100 percent of shredded paper is recycled to reduce the impact on the environment.

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