How Shredding Protects Your Employees & Customers

Posted on: August 4, 2017

Legal firms, corporate offices, food service, hospitals—no matter what type of business you run you are going to generate a lot of papers and documents. And many, if not most, of these will carry some degree of sensitive information. So when it comes time to discard these documents, what recourse do you use? For most the answer is professional or in-office shredding.

But why? What is it that shredding offers your business? How does it protect sensitive information? Today the specialists at TrueShred wanted to discuss how shredding helps keep clients and associates safe, and what that can mean for you and your business.

A Single Chain of Custody

The first weakness of any waste removal process that does not involve shredding is losing your chain of custody. What this means is that after these documents leave your business or filing rooms you cannot confirm who is handling the documents, for what amount of time they are moving, and where they will come to rest. That means you have zero means of determining whether or not these documents are safe, or are going to be repurposed or stolen for malicious means.

With professional shredding, however, there is a single, unbroken chain of custody. For example with our team at TrueShred the chain only extends from your business, directly to our curbside vehicles where the documents will not be moved even an inch before they are rendered absolutely destroyed.

Thorough Document Destruction

And there’s the second and potentially even more important point. A professional shredding service cuts no corners (forgive the pun) in ensuring documents are completely destroyed. And by destroyed, under our professional definition, is that a document or form of media is destroyed when all information, private data, numbers, and more are all rendered 100% unrecoverable.

We’re in an age where even the tiniest mistake can leave an opening for an enterprising thief or malcontent, which means we take zero chances with document shredding. Background checked employees handle the documents, and our innovative shredding trucks handle the rest.

Secure document shredding services ensure none of these are still available:

  • Personal identification
  • Addresses
  • Bank or account information
  • Phone numbers
  • Personal or medical history/information

Trusted Paper Recycling

In a move to be more eco-friendly many businesses attempt to donate or recycle applicable materials. Which is something we fully support from an environmental standpoint, but not from a professional one! Choosing to recycle once again breaks that chain of custody, which is why you should leave it to experts that are partnered with trusted recycling specialists.

At TrueShred we recycle all applicable materials for our clients after documents have been securely and thoroughly shredded.

Secure Shredding Services in MD, VA & DC

TrueShred takes your business’ needs seriously, offering true services that guarantee safe, secure document shredding. If you would like to learn more, or would like to set a date for secure document destruction, contact us online now!

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