Information Security Risks for Small Businesses

Posted on: January 29, 2018

For many small businesses, it’s easy to think that security breaches and data hacks are issues that only major corporations and established business chains need to worry about. Until a breach happens. As we’ve established recently, security breaches are just as common, if not more so, for a smaller business. And even worse, unlike major corporations, you may not have the leeway to absorb a major breach.

That means it is vital for you and your employees to stay prepared and aware. In order to stay armed against the worst hackers and fraudsters can throw at you, you must be informed and capable of acting fast. That’s why TrueShred is here now—to clue you in on the top security risks for small businesses.

Social Media

Social media tools are extremely powerful for small businesses, offering a way to meaningfully connect with and inform clients and the community at large. It’s certainly a resource you never want to neglect or forego, however, it also comes with many inherent risks. Since you’re closer than ever to the community, the community has never been closer to you. And like it or not, hackers are part of the community.

The problems are in the numerous outlets, meaning many users and many points of entry. That means lots of places to attack. Your defense? A focus on employee training and consistent notifications. Helping your media managers and general users understand how to identify a threat is critical, and should be kept up with at all times.

Mishandled Paper

Modern tools have given fraudsters so many more places they can get in between the cracks. What used to be untraceable or meaningless now holds plenty of power over your business. Even the small stuff like receipts, potential employee resumes, and letterheads are a risk nowadays. And fraudsters don’t want you to shred these! But you should. You should develop a strong paper document control system that can securely hold and shred it all.

Electronic Storage and Media

Think that flash drive is safe? Or that old hard drive or microfiche you no longer need can go in the trash? Nope! Electronic storage tools are even more appetizing than usual to a hacker. They provide a plethora of information ripe for the picking, and the folks who want to breach your security have become more resourceful than ever. You must securely destroy electronic media, either through your own means or via a service.

Weak Passwords

Passwords are the bare minimum of data and device protection and should never be your only means of defense. But just because they’re at the bottom of the chain doesn’t mean they’re unimportant. Quite the contrary. You ideally want to stop a potential hacker right here. Better to not test the rest of your security at all. That means passwords should be complex, and ideally unmeaningful. No “fluffy” passwords. Instead choose a series of number, letters, and symbols for the best results. And while you’re at it, passwords should be changed and rotated on a routine basis, be it every few weeks or months.

Bad BYOD Policies

Employees armed with useful devices are a handy thing to have. But employees don’t always have the best ideas when it comes to protecting phones, tablets, and laptops. Effective BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policies using passwords and encryption can ensure you keep things on the secure side while also not robbing your staff of useful tools.

Secure Document & Data Destruction in MD, VA, and DC

If you’re looking to reduce the risk of personally identifiable information kept in old, outdated paper storage, hard drives, or microfiche, a mobile data and document destruction service may be just what you need.

Need secure shredding services and document destruction for your small business in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia? Contact TrueShred today for your one-time or ongoing service quote!

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