Should I Outsource My Shredding Needs?

Posted on: April 10, 2017

Though keeping things in-house is often appealing and tends to be a choice frequently made by most businesses, outsourcing plays a vital role in helping to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. But do you need to outsource something like document shredding? At TrueShred, we’d say yes!

As the leading professionals in secure document and information destruction in Maryland, DC, and Virginia, TrueShred handles the document destruction needs of countless businesses. The value of our work speaks for itself, but if you’re looking to learn more about what you stand to gain by choosing professional, outsourced shredding, then we’re more than happy to clue you in.

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Why Outsource Document Shredding in Washington, DC?

Outsourcing your shredding provides you with a bunch of huge benefits, many of which you might not have yet considered. In many ways, secure outsourced shredding can be looked at in much the same way you outsource anything else. It’s efficient, it’s easy, and you don’t have to dedicate valuable assets to getting the job done. But a professional service brings you a lot more than that, including:

  • Legal compliance. Professional shredding services always provide what is called a Certificate of Destruction (CoD). Other than sounding cool, this certificate is vital to verifying that the destroyed papers or information were handled with complete security and compliance.
  • Efficient document removal. When you outsource shredding to professionals, that team will show up with cutting-edge shredding equipment. For example at TrueShred, our shredding trucks can handle over thousands of pounds of paper in a single hour, making even the largest of tasks quick and efficient.
  • Saved resources. It might not seem so at first, but document shredding can save you on costs, too! Purchasing shredding equipment means you have to shell out for the equipment purchase, employee training, and creating a new job, all of which are considerable investments (and not to mention maintaining the shredding tools, which is notoriously a bit of a nightmare). With outsourced shredding on the other hand, you get a simple, single flat rate.
  • Total security. When professional shredding teams call themselves professionals, they mean it! To us, the security and safety of the documents and sensitive information is absolutely the most important part of our job, meaning shredding services offer you the hands-down safest way to rid your business of sensitive papers and information.
  • Green benefits. And to top it all off, professional shredding is good for the environment, too. All shredded documents are handled and recycled, then reused for a variety of purposes, rather than just being chucked into a landfill to rot.

Secure Shredding Services in Metro DC

When you need confidential document destruction in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC, contact TrueShred here or call 888-322-3218. You can also use our online form to request pricing. We look forward to serving your shredding needs—and keeping you in compliance!

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