Paper Recycling Risks

Posted on: August 16, 2017

Many modern businesses take part in recycling as a way to reduce environmental impact and help preserve our ecosystems. Something we can wholeheartedly get behind! But there might be some risks inherent to your recycling program that you’re not quite aware of, which is something the team at TrueShred wanted to tackle with you today.

The Risks of Recycling

No one’s lining up to knick your soda cans and coffee tins, no, but more specifically there are risks in recycling documents and discarded media. This is because most if not all of the documents that come from any business will be somewhat ripe with personal data and other usable bits of information that are common to crimes like fraud.

When we choose to recycle we are essentially creating opportunities. And each and every one of these presents a very serious risk to the security of our businesses, employees, clients, and patients. You create these opportunities when:

  • Documents are placed in recycling bins. Typically items set to be recycled are fussed with very little. Simply unaltered stacks of neat paper that could include, as we’ve mentioned, considerable amounts of personal or potentially harmful information.
  • Documents are transferred to recycling receptacles outdoors. An outdoor bin can make a particularly appealing target for potential offenders, and beyond anything decidedly cloak and dagger there’s the process of actually getting your documents to a bin. This means these papers exchange hands multiple times, each time by someone you either do not know, or cannot verify.
  • Materials arrive at the recycling plant. Again, more opportunities. Now these documents have exchanged hands a minimum of three times, and are being processed in an indeterminate amount of time. Papers with vital information are left in unsorted bins for hours, days, weeks, or even more depending on the facility.

The Better Option: Document Shredding

There is a safe, effective, and time-saving option to meet your recycling preferences. Ideally you should always work with a situation that preserves the chain of custody and limits it as much as possible. Which is what a professional shredding company will do! With professional shredding your documents are kept in a locked, completely secure bin until it’s time for shredding.

From there the documents make one single exchange: from your office or business to our shred truck. In a few minutes the whole thing is done and done, with no long-winded risks of fraud looming in the distance. And on the note of recycling, most modern shredding service companies are partnered with a trusted recycling company that can process your safely and confidentially destroyed documents.

Recycling & Secure Shredding with TrueShred in MD, VA & DC

At TrueShred we proudly recycle all applicable destroyed materials. With our service you get a single, dependable point of contact to do your part for the environment and remove unneeded documents and papers safely and effectively. Contact us online to learn more about ongoing shredding services with TrueShred, or to learn more about our recycling practices!

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