How to Prevent Data Breaches in Healthcare

Posted on: September 1, 2017

Whether we’re speaking of hospitals, healthcare facilities, or clinics, nothing is more important than quality of service. Except, of course, the security of your vital patient and accounting data. Mishandling these for any business can be scary, and breaches are even worse. Is your healthcare facility prepared for breaches and potential threats to security? If not, the specialists at TrueShred can help you get where you need to be.

Getting Started

First up for any business, whether you think your data security is sturdy or not, you should absolutely undertake a comprehensive risk analysis. These programs are vital to identifying weaknesses both in the physical aspects of your hospital or clinic and the intangibles. They take a minimal amount of time, and when they’re done right they can impact your business very little in a time or resource sense. In fact they can serve to beneficially impact both.

Staying On Top of HIPAA Compliance

It may somewhat go without saying, but employees and healthcare professionals need to always be HIPAA compliant. Since there’s no “official” certification or compliance course, it falls to the business to handle ensuring compliance is fully understood and followed. Most businesses do this just fine, but it’s important to develop a complete and thorough course for informing both long term and incoming employees. Additionally it’s wise to revisit the topic routinely, be it via company mail, or far better, one on one talks/meetings.

We know we’re hitting heavy on a topic you likely understand just as well as we do, but even a minor slip up from an employee that just didn’t understand a small, minute aspect of compliance can land you in huge and dangerous legal waters. Or even worse, can harm a patient.

The Basics of Developing a Data Security Policy

Many look forward to developing more stringent data policies with the same level of excitement they get from a round of shots. But minimizing security risks needn’t be complex or stressful at all! Follow these basics and you’re as good as covered:

  • Encrypt data. The encryption of at rest and in motion data is fast and easy with the right tech team (or even individual) on your side, and it can save you mountains of trouble.
  • Address access and monitoring. Having effective security systems in play to monitor the comings and goings within your structure is an excellent security measure that can save data, help you retrieve stolen data, and can improve security on the campus immeasurably.
  • Address network access. If your business allows BOYT (bring your own technology) for employees, access needs to be monitored, restricted, or both. There’s a lot of success to be had in allowing personal tools to be used on grounds, but in healthcare you need to keep it airtight.

Handling Sensitive Information Removal

These will all serve you well in keeping data safe and secure while on-site. But what about when you need to remove or clear out obsolete data? Well, what’s obsolete to you is far less so for someone looking to get at your secure data. That’s why working with safe, secure document destruction specialists is ideal for removing sensitive information.

Whether it’s electronic media or hard paper, you need to ensure you work with professionals that can handle your needs safely, within HIPAA guidelines, and on-site if at all possible.

Looking for a team of certified professionals to handle your safe document removal need in DC or Virginia? Contact TrueShred today to learn more about the advantages of our ongoing shredding service!

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