Have an Efficient & Secure Tax Season

Posted on: January 20, 2016

April 18th will be here in the blink of an eye—are you prepared to have your taxes filed by then? As a business owner in the DC metro area, you’ve probably begun gathering your documents. But you’re not the only one getting prepared—identity thieves are getting ready too! What does this mean for your DC agency? You need to ensure your information is secure! Don’t let your employees’ and customers’ confidential information get taken by dumpster divers—schedule secure shredding!

When you need secure document destruction in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC, there’s only one company you need to know—TrueShred. Contact us today!

Three Steps to a Simple & Safe Tax Season

Tax season brings stress to many individuals and business owners in the DC metro area—but it doesn’t have to! Follow TrueShred’s proven steps to have an efficient tax filing process.

Don’t put off filing your taxes until the last minute.

Many individuals and businesses put off filing their taxes because the deadline seems far away. Don’t be one of those people! Being prepared for your taxes will make the process flow more quickly and efficiently. We understand that filing taxes can be a tedious process, but you’re going to have to file them at some point—why not get it out of the way sooner rather than later?

Keep your tax documents well organized.

Have you ever sat down to file your taxes only to realize that you’re missing an important document? There’s nothing more annoying—or inconvenient. Staying organized throughout the entire year and taking your time while filling out the necessary forms will help you have a streamlined process.

Hire a trustworthy shredding company.

Secure document destruction can be extremely beneficial during tax season because it allows you to become more organized and eliminates unnecessary documents in safe manner. If you have been thinking of implementing a document shredding strategy, tax season is the perfect time to start! Don’t settle for a personal shredder, these devices are time consuming and don’t thoroughly shred your confidential information. A professional shredding company can securely destroy and dispose of any personal document you no longer need.

Document Shredding This Tax Season in VA, MD & DC

If you’re ready to make filing your taxes simple—call TrueShred for one-time shredding! It’s an ideal alternative to sitting in front of your limited-capacity home shredder for hours! We’ll come to your home or business and do full personal document destruction that will keep your businesses, employees’, and customers’ confidential information safe!

TrueShred Provides Secure Shredding Service You Can Trust! Call Us At 888-322-3218 Or Contact Us For A Free Estimate Today!

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