Signs It’s Time to Upgrade From an Office Shredder

Posted on: September 25, 2017

Do you depend on your faithful office or personal shredder day in and day out to handle your document security and waste paper removal needs? If so you probably understand quite well just how frustrating the little machines can really be! Or maybe you prefer to stick to your guns and tough it out.

At TrueShred taking care of secure document removal and the shredding needs of clients is our way of doing business, and we understand the signs of needing to upgrade from a standard shredder. Follow along to find out the signs that it’s time to make a change!

When Does a Shredder Become Obsolete?

In our opinion on day number one, but of course we’d say that, right? Well don’t let us be the ones to convince you that shredding services beat DIY—leave that to these signs:

  • Your shredder doesn’t do the job well enough. The vast majority of personal or office shredders reduce a page into long, thin strips of paper. But if you’ve ever done a jigsaw puzzle you know that these are easy to fit together. Especially if you’re a data thief.
  • You dedicate too much time and too many resources to it. A single, or even multiple, office shredders take a considerable amount of time and manpower. Are you dedicating an employee’s entire day to nothing but shredding paper? You could use that time and employee in far more effective ways.
  • The shredder in your office is loud. Most of them are. And if yours is near an office space or work area it’s probably very disruptive to employees and clients. Restore the peace and find another solution!
  • You need to shred more than just paper. An office shredder just isn’t going to handle electronic media well at all. But these need to be securely shredded, since they’re prime targets for a data breach.
  • You need to beef up office security. Looking to implement a new security method or system within your business? Secure shredding is a vital part of this, and an office shredder has no place in a good policy.
  • Your shredder can’t keep up with your new clean desk policy. Clean desk policies improve productivity, help with keeping up security, and can overall make your business days a whole lot smoother. But you might find that the sudden influx of waste paper is far too much for a standard shredder to handle.

Better Solutions with Secure Document Destruction in DC Metro

Looking for another way to handle your document destruction needs? Professional shredding services save time, save cost, and even help preserve our environment! When you choose a perfect shredding service you can improve on all of the points above, and in the business world advantages like these don’t come easily. Well, they normally don’t come this easy. But they do with TrueShred.

To find out more about our document shredding services in Maryland, Virginia, and the DC area contact us online today!

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