Is Your Small Business’ Secure Information at Risk?

Posted on: May 30, 2018

Security in small business sectors has been a hot topic for years now, and it’s only getting hotter as time goes on. Why? Because gone are the days when only high-profile or huge businesses the only ones at risk. It could be argued, in fact, that those days never really existed in the first place. Hackers, fraudsters, and others looking to cut into secure information don’t discriminate, nor are they picky. All they need is an opportunity, and a small business can offer one just as easily—if not more easily than—a larger business.

Is your secure information at risk? Is your business well prepared to fight off a breach? Follow along with the pros at TrueShred while we lay out a series of basic questions that you should be able to answer with “yes.”

Do You Have an Effective Employee Training System in Place?

While some breaches are in fact the product of intricate or complex hacking, the vast majority of security mishaps actually happen due to simple error. From new employees not understanding how to utilize or handle software or hard copies, all the way to seasoned employees not understanding a new security system, these are the true “holes” in your security. Go through a risk assessment program, identify weaknesses, update, and then develop a strong and heavily mandated training program.

Do You Use an Independent and Secure Internet Connection?

Your internet connection needs to be airtight if you plan on staying secure and safe. Leaving it open to the public seems like a great gesture, and, in fact, your business might rely on it as a draw depending on what sort of business you conduct. But if you must have public wi-fi available, make it separate from where you do all of your important work.

Do You Utilize Secure Document Destruction?

Many business owners and managers don’t really think about it much, unfortunately, but nearly everything on paper within your business is sensitive information. Employee information (yes, even resumes), payment information, fiscal details, even old passwords—all of these are sensitive, and until they’re destroyed completely, they constitute a risk.

You need all of these locked away safely until they can be destroyed, and when you do get them destroyed, it needs to be done professionally and completely. Find a trustworthy document shredding team and develop a plan!

Do You Handle Your Cybersecurity Well?

Many businesses start up their cybersecurity policies and software with the best intentions, installing some of the basics that will keep them safe. But then they fail to update. They fail to learn more about the dangers posed to small businesses, and they start to fall behind. If you keep any sort of secure information at all, and the odds are high that you do, you need to:

  • Change passwords routinely, and make them good ones. A combination of numbers, letters, and a mix of capitalization is generally best.
  • Update software consistently to ensure your protections are working and capable of blocking the latest security threats.
  • Utilize firewalls to maximize overall protection

Secure Document Destruction in MD, VA, and DC

Looking for a team of professionals that offer secure document destruction near your small business? At TrueShred we take your security seriously! With a single chain of custody, a defined recycling plan, and with the benefit of our top of the line shredding tools, you can shore up the defenses of your business and feel good about your level of security. Contact us online to find out more, or to schedule a service!

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