What Happens to Shredded Paper?

Posted on: February 15, 2017

Whether it’s a one and done deal or an ongoing service, when you call on TrueShred for secure shredding and document destruction, we provide. Our team comes directly to you, saving you the time and hassle of having to handle it all on your own. The TrueShred team arrives at your Virginia business, handles all of the secured documents, shreds them, and then…what?

Have you ever wondered where all of that shredded paper actually goes once the shredding process is complete? Do we burn it? Throw a parade? Toss it in the bin? We’re glad to say we do none of these (although we’re quite fond of parades)! So where does all of that paper go, and should it matter? Well, today we’re going to clue you in, so maybe you can put your curiosity to rest!

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What Happens to Shredded Documents?

You might have guessed it by now (or checked our shredding process page), but we actually recycle all shredded paper. It’s a safe, effective means of discarding all of the waste material that helps out our environment and our industry at the same time—and we’re big fans of win-win situations!

Is Recycling My Shredded Documents Safe?

Worried about that whole confidential thing? Well, let us put your mind at ease. When our shredders go to work on your papers, they pull them apart over and over until they are tiny, barely recognizable strips and squares that absolutely could never be reformed or salvaged in any way other than recycling.

TrueShred works specifically with recycling services that we know, and know well, and they are just as confidential and mum about the whole business as we are. We take your security extremely seriously, and we would do absolutely nothing that would ever endanger this.

What Is Recycled Paper Used For?

Recycled paper actually has loads of applications. The recycling process involves washing papers to remove inks and dyes, and then creating a goopy slurry by adding in loads of water. This pulped paper is then reused to create tons of items you’d recognize on sight, including safety masks, toilet paper, coffee filters, writing paper, masking tape, and absolutely tons more things.

Recycling your documents gives them another great use, and helps to create a nice, healthy cycle of paper products in the industry. It’s a choice we’re happy to make, and you can feel pretty good about it, too!

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