Three Reasons to Steer Clear of an Office Shredder

Posted on: December 29, 2015

When it comes to shredding confidential documents, you should leave it to the professionals. And we aren’t just saying that because it’s our job! Shredding important documents in a personal office shredder can be devastating to your company if the remnants falls into the wrong hands. At TrueShred, we help to properly dispose of your private documents containing secure information about your company and employees so you can be worry-free.

When it comes to secure document shredding in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC, there’s only one name you need to know—TrueShred. Call us at 888-322-3218 for a FREE estimate!

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Personal Office Shredder

As an office manager, you might think you’re saving the company money by investing in a personal office shredder. We hate to break it to you—you’re not saving money. Not only can an office shredder be expensive, but you will have to deal with ongoing maintenance and costly repairs. Our shredding experts have compiled three reasons why you should avoid using an office shredder altogether.

A Personal Shredder Only Shreds Paper Documents

Not all company documents are on paper—many companies store important information on media or electronics like CD-ROMs, DVDs, computer backups, etc. If you’re relying on your office shredder, think again. Office shredders aren’t capable of properly breaking down these materials. If your company uses any of these items, our advanced mobile shredding unit can destroy them completely!

Your Documents Won’t Be Completely Destroyed

When you use an office shredder, it breaks the documents into strips. However, this method doesn’t safeguard your information from someone trying to steal your identity! Once the trash leaves your control, there is a risk that someone will find personal information they can use—which can be devastating to your company. With a professional shredding company, your documents will not only be shred into strips, but torn up into little pieces and mixed in with multiple documents so it is impossible to piece back together.

Your Time Could Be Put to Better Use

Using a normal office shredder means you can only shred a couple of sheets at one time, which could be an extremely time consuming process! If you need to shred dozens and dozens of documents, it could take you or your employee a few hours to destroy your confidential documents. Why waste precious time shredding paper? Let us do our job so you can do yours!

Secure Document Shredding for Companies throughout Virginia, Maryland, & Washington, DC

At TrueShred, we understand you want to keep your private company information secure, which is why we recommend hiring a professional shredding company instead of making it a do-it-yourself job. We are the leading shredding company serving Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. Whether you require regularly scheduled shredding service or on-call shredding, TrueShred can take care of your document destruction needs securely and efficiently. Contact us for a free estimate today.

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