Office Shredder Drawbacks: Why You Should Leave Shredding to the Professionals

Posted on: December 29, 2015

When it comes to shredding confidential documents, you should leave it to the professionals. Shredding important documents in a personal office shredder can be devastating to your company if the remnants fall into the wrong hands. At TrueShred, we help properly destroy your private documents containing secure and sensitive information. Our highly trained professional team leverages industry-leading equipment to shred documents and mixed media, giving you peace of mind and helping you comply with privacy requirements.

Here are office shredding drawbacks and reasons why you should leave shredding to trusted professionals.

Ineffectiveness of Office Shredders

As an office manager, you might think you’re saving the company money by investing in a personal office shredder. Office shredders are expensive, and you must deal with ongoing maintenance and costly repairs. Here are some cons of using an office shredder.

1. A Personal Shredder Only Shreds Paper Documents

Not all company documents are on paper — many companies store vital information on media or electronics like CD-ROMs, DVDs and computer backups.

Office shredders aren’t capable of properly breaking down these materials. If your company uses any of these items, our advanced mobile shredding unit can destroy them completely.

2. Your Documents Won’t Be Completely Destroyed

When you use an office shredder, it breaks the documents into strips. However, this method doesn’t safeguard your information from someone trying to steal your identity. Criminals have become savvy in piecing together shredded documents found in trash and recycling, leaving your company documents vulnerable.

With a professional shredding company, your documents will not only be shredded into strips but torn up into little pieces and mixed in with multiple copies, so it is impossible to piece them back together. The destroyed particles are then recycled, ensuring no person can access your sensitive materials.

3. Office Shredding Is Labor-Intensive

Using a normal office shredder means you can only shred a couple of sheets at one time, which is an extremely time-consuming process. If you need to shred dozens, hundreds or even thousands of documents, it could take tremendous time and resources from your business’s bottom line. In addition, office shredders tend to jam, slowing the process down.

Professional shredding helps you focus on your core tasks, saving time and optimizing efficiency. Our mobile shredding trucks destroy 6,000 pounds of paper or mixed media per hour.

4. A Personal Shredder Poses Security and Compliance Risks

Your office shredder cannot destroy sensitive information like industrial machinery can. The personal shredder will keep documents readable, causing significant compliance and security risks. Your staff could also inadvertently expose confidential or private information during disposal.

The TrueShred team knows how to handle and effectively destroy documents securely and in compliance with governing bodies and industry legislation. We deliver Certificates of Destruction for FACTA, HIPAA and other legal compliance records.

Professional Shredding as an Alternative

TrueShred highly recommends that your organization avoid office shredders. The benefits of industrial shredding services include:

  • Increased cost-efficiency: TrueShred services are competitively priced, and you won’t have to deal with fines, maintenance fees and costs associated with labor.
  • Enhanced security and compliance: We issue a destruction certificate for your records, ensuring compliance. Our reliable and streamlined processes allow documents and materials to be destroyed without being handled by staff.
  • Optimized shredding: Professional shredding is fast and efficient and can be done curbside at your facility. You can also witness the destruction process via closed-circuit video.

TrueShred performs both on-site and off-site shredding services. We provide your organization with secure bins and consoles to deposit all unwanted documents or materials. On the day of service, we collect the containers and take them to our mobile shredding trucks for curbside destruction or transport them to our secure destruction facility.

Secure Document Shredding for Companies throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

You may feel that an office shredder is convenient and a way to stay on top of your shredding in real-time. The truth is that these devices are ineffective and not foolproof enough to be trusted with sensitive materials. Professional shredding gives you peace of mind and assurance that confidential documents are destroyed, and shredded particles are recycled without being handled.

TrueShred is an award-winning, NAID AAA Certified shredding company. We will help you destroy your documents with our curbside on-site mobile shredding trucks or off-site at our destruction facility in Manassas, Virginia.

Contact us online today for affordable and secure shredding services.

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