What Kind of Shredder is Best for My Business?

Posted on: March 17, 2018


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Whether you run a small business or a massive one, you probably understand quite well the important role that shredding plays in keeping your business secure and safe against data breaches and fraud. Knowing this, you’ll want to arm yourself with the right shredding equipment. But what is the right shredder? Will any old thing work? Trueshred can help you understand your secure document shredding needs.

What Kinds of Shredders Work Best?

Our answer, as you might expect, would be “a professional shredding company!” But we’ll delve into that a bit later. For now, let’s focus on what is baseline acceptable in terms of an office shredder.

The first thing you’ll want to put out of your mind are those run of the mill strip shredders. These are not suitable for anything past simple home office shredding, and even there we would argue against them to the end. Baseline acceptable shredders include:

  • Cross-cut shredders. By shredding papers into a bunch of smallish rectangles, you make a fraudster or thief work pretty hard to get at any useful information. Keep in mind though that it’s still reasonably possible for them to do so, so while a cross-cut is okay, it’s only okay at best.
  • Chip-cut, or “micro” cut shredders. Chip-cuts are the standard for handling most sensitive information. Paper is processed into tiny chips that are very difficult to accomplish anything with, and the mess left behind is far more manageable than other shred types.

You’ll also need a shredding tool that is capable of handling multimedia shredding, since paper is no longer the only thing at risk. In fact, there’s a strong argument to be made that media shredding is more important these days. And so, you’ll either need a shredder that can do both, or one of each. Also pay close attention to the “feet per minute” of a shredder, and the ability to shred paper clips and other small objects.

Why Choose Professional Shredding Services?

You could certainly purchase a decent office shredder and go from there. But! Things to know are that office shredders are slow (an average of 20ish feet per minute, which is slow going); they require that you dedicate employee time to them; they need to be maintained with regularity; and they don’t typically last very long.

All of these things combined mean that you’re investing a lot of time and money into something that, ultimately, is a poor substitute for a team of professionally-equipped and trained shredding experts. By working with experts, you gain:

  • Nearly infallible security, with a single chain of custody
  • A Certificate of Destruction for each service
  • Scheduled services for easy planning
  • Eco-friendly points, since professionals recycle all shredded paper
  • Media, paper, and object shredding all in one neat package
  • Cost savings, since you’re only putting resources into a single service rather than into products, employee time, maintenance, and disposal

Secure Document Shredding in MD, VA, and DC

In need of an office shredder for your business? Forget the small stuff and go in for a service by contacting TrueShred! We’ve been the DC metro area’s leading provider of top-tier secure document shredding for years, and we offer a full range of support services that make keeping your business secure easier than ever.

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