The Medium is the Message: Destroying Electronic Data

Posted on: September 5, 2014

Remember saving files onto CD ROMs? Buying special shelving and racks to keep those CDs organized? It seems quaint now, like the days of LaserDiscs and Filofaxes. Unfortunately, if you still have CD ROMs full of files lying around, not only are they dead weight—they are potential leaks of data, whether yours or your clients. Don’t risk letting that information fall into the wrong hands. You can’t just chuck the CDs and other electronic media in the trash. Destroy them the right way.

Secure, On-Site Electronic Waste Destruction is the Best Option

When you need to have a record of your data destruction, taking old tapes and CDs out back by the dumpster and stomping on them isn’t going to cut it. Professional electronic data shredding is the only way to stay compliant with your policies. TrueShred provides Certificates of Destruction for every shredding job.

Without guaranteed secure electronic media destruction, the data on your devices can be recovered.

  • Recycled and reused hard drives are often found to still have data from the previous user intact
  • Even old audio and video tapes can be compromised and have their data extracted

Why Not Burn Those Old Tapes and Flash Drives?

Because the emissions are incredible toxic, that’s why. Safety first!

Uniforms and Branded Merchandise—Dangerous in the Wrong Hands

You’ve worked hard to establish your brand, not to mention your reputation. When it comes time to discard old uniforms or other branded items, don’t just throw them away. You may be putting the security of your building or workplace at risk, not to mention other locations where you do business.

  • Eliminate the chances of someone posing as an employee or representative of your company by destroying uniforms, ID badges, and anything else that might signify a connection.
  • Items with outdated logos and branding can also be used by ne’er do wells to impersonate your staff or falsely represent your company. If you no longer want them in rotation, shred them.

DIY Won’t Cut It; Be Sure with a Certified Shredder

Any risk of a data breach is too much of a risk. If you store personally identifiable information electronically (and nowadays, everyone does!), you’ve got to stay one step ahead of the hackers. To ensure compliance with company policies and legal obligations, have a professional shredding company shred your electronic media at your location.

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