Commercial Paper Shredding Services

Commercial businesses in a wide range of industries must dispose of confidential information efficiently and securely. TrueShred offers business document shredding services to companies throughout Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia. Our professionals guarantee the secure destruction of sensitive materials while exceeding industry compliance standards.

About Our Business Shredding Services

TrueShred is the leading choice for commercial paper shredding in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia. Our company provides dependable services for thousands of organizations and businesses. You can count on our professionals to handle all of your shredding needs.

Our team proudly maintains our National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) AAA Certification and passes all annual and random audits. We’re committed to delivering the highest level of service and maintaining the highest quality standards. Review our client testimonials to learn how we provide the best solutions throughout the region.

Scheduled On-Site Commercial Shredding

TrueShred offers mobile on-site shredding where we come to your business and shred files on-site. We’ll collaborate with you to set up a recurring weekly, biweekly or monthly schedule to meet your ongoing document destruction needs.

Our team members do all the work — we provide your office with secure locking containers and arrive on a reliable service schedule to destroy their contents.

Choose from the following storage consoles and bin options:

  • Consoles: Our consoles work well for smaller organizations or businesses that handle a small amount of paperwork on a routine basis. These storage options have a capacity of 100 pounds.
  • 64-gallon bins: We offer a 64-gallon storage bin for larger organizations or businesses that handle a considerable amount of documents. These storage options have a capacity of 220 pounds.
  • 95-gallon bins: Our 95-gallon storage bins work well for companies that handle large amounts of paperwork and documents. These storage options have a capacity of 340 pounds.

Our commercial shredding trucks offer a solution, no matter your shredding needs. We handle the installed bins and move the materials to our vehicle for on-site shredding. You’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction for our commercial paper shredding services in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Commercial Bulk Shredding

Perhaps your business doesn’t need an ongoing commercial shredding service. TrueShred also provides one-time shredding for companies that accumulate bulk documents and records that require secure destruction.

This solution works well for businesses that need a convenient, secure, and cost-effective method for destroying documents at the end of retention periods. It’s also an excellent choice for a large organization looking to “clean house” and create much-needed space within a facility.

If you require bulk paper shredding to be completed on-site, our professionals offer curbside shredding with the following:

  • Secure container delivery: Our certified professionals can deliver containers to your organization to assist with your clean-out process. We have locking bins of various sizes, whereby sensitive material can be secured throughout the duration of the project.
  • Paper and media shredding: Our uniformed personnel will arrive at a scheduled time, collect the secure containers and move them to our mobile shredding trucks. Our onboard CCTV screens allow you to witness the entire shredding process.
  • Inventory listing and completion: Our experts finish destroying the confidential documents and issue a Certificate of Destruction. We recycle the destroyed paper particles.

Off-Site Commercial Shredding

TrueShred performs commercial off-site paper shredding at our secure Manassas, VA, destruction facility. We’ll come to your office, securely retrieve your documents and transport them in one of our secure collection trucks.

You can also drop them off if you prefer. Our uniformed and NAID AAA Certified team members use our state-of-the-art destruction equipment to shred documents quickly, securely, and safely.

Business Document Shredding Services for Various Industries

TrueShred’s office shredding services are available to companies of varying sizes across a broad spectrum of industries. We can accommodate large corporate document shredding, small-business shredding and everything in between.

Examples of the industries we serve include:

Benefits of Paper Shredding for Businesses

Hiring experts to handle your shredding services offers the following:

Cost Savings

Save money when you don’t need to invest in expensive shredding equipment or storage. You can use those saved funds and office spaces to accomplish other business goals.

Peace of Mind

Be confident knowing that your sensitive data is protected. When your documents and materials are destroyed securely, you can foster trusted relationships with clients who provide their billing information in exchange for your products and services.

Data Protection

Minimize the risk of unauthorized access to confidential information. With TrueShred’s secure shredding services, you can safeguard your proprietary information and protect your brand’s reputation.

Legal Compliance

Ensure that you meet local standards and regulations by properly destroying paper waste with sensitive information. By using TrueShred’s secure shredding services, you can avoid potential legal consequences of penalties and related fees.

Environmental Responsibility

Help keep the earth sustainable by choosing a shredding company that recycles discarded paper products to reduce the demand for new paper production. When you work with TrueShred, you can contribute toward your environmental sustainability goals.

Why Choose TrueShred as Your Commercial Shredding Company?

TrueShred stands apart from the other companies that shred business documents for many reasons:

  • Trustworthy: The TrueShred team consists of experienced security industry professionals who go the extra mile to safeguard your sensitive information. We’re NAID AAA Certified, meaning we comply with the most stringent security standards for service personnel, background checks, operational security, and facility security.
  • Compliance: We enable businesses to maintain compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) and other applicable industry regulations.
  • Affordable: TrueShred provides budget-friendly, transparent pricing to eliminate the guesswork.
  • Reliable: Our team shows up as scheduled and on time, every time.

Learn More About Our Commercial Document Shredding Services

Take the next step to ensure the fast and secure shredding of your sensitive business documents. Contact TrueShred online to ask for additional information and a free estimate or request a quote today.

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Monthly Community Shredding
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”I have worked with several document destruction companies over the past ten years and until contracting with TrueShred, I hadn’t met a company with which I felt so compelled to share with professional colleagues. TrueShred’s personnel are always polite, considerate, timely and attentive. . . I trust all of my future shredding needs to TrueShred!”