On-Site Electronic & Media Shredding in VA, MD, & DC

Secure, On-Site Electronic & Media Destruction Services

Wondering what to do with your old hard drives, CD-ROMs, computer backups, and other non-paper media that you no longer need? It’s critical to destroy the data contained in these items—so call TrueShred to shred them on-site.

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Our electronic destruction units can destroy:

  • Hard drives
  • CD-ROMs and CD-Rs
  • DVDs
  • Computer backups
  • Microfiche
  • X-rays
  • Videotapes and cassette tapes
  • Product samples, prototypes, uniforms, and ID badges

TrueShred provides on-site media destruction you can trust. Contact us online or call us at (888) 750-8783 to schedule an appointment.


What Is Electronic Media?

Examples of electronic media

Electronic media is defined as any electronically generated storage device that is used to record information, including but not limited to hard disks/hard drives, magnetic tapes, compact discs, videotapes, audiotapes, and removable storage such as floppy and zip disks.

If your media disposal process includes erasing, reformatting, or wiping your hard drives, your customers’ and your company’s reputations are still vulnerable. Total destruction by shredding is the only way to ensure data security for electronic media.

Call us at (888) 750-8783 or contact us online for electronic destruction services in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.


Benefits of Media Destruction

There are several benefits to having a professional shredder destroy your media rather than doing it yourself.

  • TrueShred will issue a certificate of destruction, certifying the secure on-site destruction of your media.
  • Computer backups, VHS tapes, and cassettes are difficult to destroy by hand. Why waste your valuable time on this laborious process?
  • On-site media destruction ensures the complete security of the shredding process. When you want to be absolutely certain that the data contained on these items is completely non-retrievable, have them destroyed by TrueShred.
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Why Destroy Uniforms & ID Badges?

Green Identification Card From a Uniform

Don’t put your company or workplace at risk. Simply throwing away old uniforms and ID badges can make them available to anyone who takes the time to go through your trash. You don’t want these items to get into the wrong hands and possibly damage your reputation. Our high-powered mobile shredders can destroy work uniforms, ID badges, and other proprietary items that you don’t want members of the public to be able to access.

Have more questions on what you can and can’t shred? Check out our FAQ page >>


DC-Area Mobile Media Destruction Services

A cartoon blue mobile shredding truck

TrueShred comes to your business or office as scheduled for full document destruction. We offer scheduled, ongoing service as well as one-time service.

Benefits of mobile media shredding services include:

  • Ease– You don’t have to break CDs or smash tapes and backups. Our shredding truck destroys them easily, saving you time and annoyance.
  • Convenience– We come to you. You don’t have to pack and transport boxes of media—we do it all, at your location!
  • Security– With our secure chain of custody, you don’t have to worry about your personal information being accessed from the trash. Our uniformed employees will securely transport your sensitive media items to the shred truck for on-site destruction.
  • Time and labor savings– TrueShred’s service is more cost-effective than in-house shredding. Manual shredding is time-consuming labor. An employee’s time is better spent fulfilling other duties.

Call our team today at (888) 750-8783 or contact us online to learn more about our secure mobile shredding services.


Choose TrueShred for Secure Media Destruction in Washington, DC, Maryland & Virginia

We are a locally owned and operated family business founded by security industry professionals. We know that privacy and the security of personal information is a critical concern, and we want you to feel confident when you hire us. You can count on us for:

  • Security: TrueShred ensures a secure chain of custody for your sensitive material from the time it leaves your office to the conclusion of the curbside shredding process.
  • Reliability: TrueShred arrives on your scheduled date or your service is free. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed—period!
  • Fair pricing: TrueShred pricing is simple and straightforward with no surcharges and no surprises.

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Stay in compliance with policy and protect your company’s—and your clients’—confidential information. From hard drive shredding to electronic destruction services, TrueShred provides secure shredding service you can trust!

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”I have worked with several document destruction companies over the past ten years and until contracting with TrueShred, I hadn’t met a company with which I felt so compelled to share with professional colleagues. TrueShred’s personnel are always polite, considerate, timely and attentive. . . I trust all of my future shredding needs to TrueShred!”