Our Shredding Services for Scanning Companies

Your scanning company needs secure, fast, reliable, and effective shredding services. Not only does loose material create an exposure risk for your clients, but it also takes up valuable space within your facility. The sooner it’s gone, the better for your company and your clients. At TrueShred, our shredding services are tailored directly to the needs of document scanning companies in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia. Our security specialists guarantee prompt, efficient, and total destruction of the documents and other items that require destruction

Our shredding services in the Washington, DC metro area are ideal for secure destruction of materials your scanning service may handle, including:

  • Legal records
  • Bank records
  • Medical records
  • Property records
  • Insurance records
  • Private communications
  • Personal documents
  • And more!

Contact a TrueShred expert today for more information about the shredding services we offer for scanning companies. It is our pleasure to answer your questions and schedule a date for service!

Advantages of Mobile Paper Shredding for Scanning Companies

Your schedule is busy enough without having to haul mountains of papers and other items to a shredding facility. Our mobile paper shredding systems for scanning companies mean you don’t have to spend any time or effort hauling these items back and forth. We will arrive on-site, set up curbside, and get to work. Our service offers many advantages, including:

  • No preparation. There is no need to remove paperclips, staples, and other items. Our on-site shredding equipment is more than capable of cutting through these impediments. Put everything you need to be shredded together, and our onsite shredding trucks will take care of the rest.
  • On-site convenience. We come to you with the personnel and equipment required to complete the task. Our team members will load the files into secured, locking containers, haul them outside, and shred them immediately. From the door to the shredder, there is no risk of information being mishandled
  • Security. Our mobile shredding systems and security protocols ensure that your papers and other items are properly accounted for and promptly destroyed. Our cleared, uniformed personnel make sure that no information can get into the wrong hands.

Off-Site Paper Shredding for Scanning Companies

Many scanning companies prefer off-site document shredding. TrueShred accommodates this need by offering bulk shredding after your scanning process is complete. We’ll pick up your files with secure trucks and transport them to our local Manassas, VA, facility. Our screened, in-house professional team will then execute the destruction process using industry-leading shredding equipment.

You also have the option to drop off the documents at our facility. This method meets the needs of companies that feel more comfortable delivering the items themselves. It also provides a more cost-effective alternative for businesses seeking to minimize expenses. Bring your papers to TrueShred all at once or over time, whichever works better or is more convenient for your business. TrueShred will work with you to provide the best shredding solutions for your scanning company.

Benefits of Off-Site Shredding for Scanning Companies

One-time, off-site bulk shredding offers several advantages for scanning companies, such as:


This service makes it easy to securely destroy your scanned documents. TrueShred will set up a convenient time for our trained, NAID AAA Certified team members to come to your facility and pick up your papers in our secure mobile collection trucks. If you prefer to drop the documents off at our destruction plant, let us know when you plan to come and we’ll be ready for you.

Better for Bulk Document Shredding Applications

Has your business accumulated a high volume of documents that you need to shred all at once? Off-site shredding offers a more practical alternative. You won’t have to endure an extended shredding session on your property. This option is also more cost-effective with a one-time, off-site project.

Time and Labor Reduction

If you choose to have TrueShred pick up your documents, you won’t need to lift a finger. Just place your files in secured document bins or boxes and we’ll come and take them away to be securely shredded and recycled. You won’t need to allocate resources for loading and unloading trucks and driving to our facility. We’ll do the work for you, allowing you to assign employees to more urgent and productive tasks.


While mobile shredding for scanning companies offers the visibility of on-site document destruction, TrueShred’s off-site process is also secure. Our NAID AAA Certified destruction process ensures an unbroken chain of custody from beginning to end. Also, our carefully screened employees complete the shredding process in-house — we never outsource or rely on third-party contractors.

Constant Surveillance

Be confident entrusting TrueShred with your secure off-site shredding project. Our NAID AAA Certified destruction facility has restricted access, and the entire facility is under video surveillance 24 hours a day.

Why Choose TrueShred

TrueShred provides advantages that make our team stand out from other companies that shred scanned files. The TrueShred team offers NAID AAA Certified shredding services to scanning companies throughout the Washington DC metro region. Our team members are carefully selected for their honesty, integrity, and reliability and all TrueShred personnel are subject to ongoing background checks, and drug testing to maintain our NAID AAA Certification. When you hire TrueShred, trust that you are hiring the best document shredding service in the region.

We fully recognize that living in the digital era means that more than papers need shredding. That is why our shredding services for scanning companies include more than files and manila folders. We are also capable of shredding hard drives and media devices to ensure the contents within machines go from bytes to bits in no time at all.

We encourage you to contact the team at TrueShred at (888) 750-8783 for more information about the shredding services we offer. It is our pleasure to tell you more about how our services can help your business achieve your goals and meet your clients’ needs.

Do you need a scanning referral? Click here! The team at Didlake Document Imagining will be happy to provide fast, efficient, and secure scanning services. 

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