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GSA-Approved Shredding Services for the Washington, DC Metro Area

Secure Document Destruction for Government Organizations

Personally identifying information is often collected by government offices in digital and hard copy form. At least 35 states, including Virginia and Maryland, have adopted laws that require governmental entities to destroy, dispose of, or otherwise make PII unreadable or indecipherable.

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Trust a GSA-Approved Shredding Company

TrueShred is a GSA-approved government record shredding company that manages the destruction of sensitive files in a way that adheres to strict local, state, and federal privacy laws, including FACTA, aka the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act. When you need secure on- or off-site shredding service from a GSA-approved vendor, we ensure compliance and a proper audit trail for destroyed government files.

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What Does It Mean To Be GSA-Approved?

The General Services Administration’s Multiple Award Schedule is a multi-billion contract vehicle that makes it easier for contractors to sell their products and services to government agencies. GSA-approved companies establish long-term contracts that include GSA pre-approved services, products, pricing, and terms and conditions.

GSA-approved contractors like TrueShred are recognized as experienced vendors that comply with environmental, socioeconomic, and other important regulations, including the Federal Acquisition Regulation and the General Services Acquisition Manual.

The Importance of Secure Document Destruction for Government Agencies

The information contained in government documents is often highly sensitive. Benefits of secure document shredding include:

  • Avoiding security breaches and identity theft.
  • Mitigating legal action with data security and compliance.
  • Enhancing productivity because employees do not perform the tedious task of shredding.
  • Having the convenience of both on-site and off-site shredding solutions.
  • Improved environmental responsibility through reduced refuse volume, electricity usage, and carbon footprint.

As the volume of paper and electronic records increases, government agencies find that outsourcing their shredding to a GSA-approved contractor that is also NAID AAA Certified is the best way to guarantee the PII in their records doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

GSA Pricing Schedule

When you work with a GSA-approved document shredding provider, you know in advance the pricing has been vetted by the United States Government. Our GSA Schedule 36 records management solutions are the ideal choice for government agencies.

  • Our on-site document destruction services are the most secure shredding method available today, as the chain of custody is unbroken, and all destruction is performed at your facility.
  • TrueShred is NAID AAA-certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and PRISM International™ (now known collectively as i-SIGMA®), meeting strict compliance standards for operational and facility security, employee screening and hiring, the destruction process, and insurance requirements.
  • Our status as a Certified Protection Professional® verifies our compliance with more than 20 standards through scheduled and random audits.

Our On-Site Shredding Process for Government Agencies and Offices

TrueShred provides both off-site and on-site shredding services to meet our client’s needs. Most government agencies choose on-site shredding, as it provides the most secure chain of custody for sensitive information. Our convenient curbside shredding services use heavy-duty mobile shredding trucks that are equipped to destroy paper and media including hard drives, DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs, microfiche, X-rays, computer backup drives, videotapes, ID badges, and more.

We serve a wide range of government agencies and offices throughout Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia and have the expertise and knowledge necessary to comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

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Which Shredding Service Is Right for You?

TrueShred offers both ongoing and one-time shredding services in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

Our secure scheduled shredding process is an easy two-step process:

  • We place locked bins or consoles throughout your building or facility, free of charge, where employees can deposit confidential material.
  • Our licensed, bonded, uniformed service technicians travel to your office on your desired schedule and shred your sensitive material securely onsite in our state-of-the-art trucks.
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Secure Shredding of Classified Documents for Government Agencies/Organizations

Whether you choose on-site or off-site document destruction, you can trust TrueShred to implement the most stringent security measures to safeguard the confidentiality of your sensitive data. Our unwavering commitment to protecting confidential information sets TrueShred apart from the competition.

If you opt for our on-site service, we’ll place locked bins or consoles throughout your office at no cost to your organization. Your employees will insert the documents into the containers for confidential collection. Our uniformed service technicians will arrive at your facility on the appointed date at the scheduled interval (one-time, weekly, biweekly or monthly) to empty the containers and shred the contents in our mobile shredding trucks. If you prefer, you can even watch the process to gain extra peace of mind, and comply with your agency’s compliance standards.

TrueShred also offers secure off-site shredding services for federal agencies. Our team will arrive at your building, pick up your documents and securely transport them to our local Manassas, VA facility. The TrueShred team consists of licensed, bonded, insured, NAID AAA Certified professionals who perform the destruction process utilizing the industry’s most state-of-the-art destruction equipment.

The entire document destruction procedure occurs on site, and we securely recycle all of the shredded particles. Our NAID AAA certification assures that the chain of custody remains unbroken.

Why Should You Partner With a NAID AAA Certified Government Paper Shredder in Washington, DC?

The sensitive and confidential nature of many government documents requires a secure shredding process. You need to trust that the company you select takes every precaution when safeguarding your information and has the security certifications to back it up.

Because TrueShred is a NAID AAA Certified shredding company, you can be confident that our process is GSA-approved and your data remains secure from collection, to destruction, to the final recycling step (de-inking, bleaching, and pulping of the destroyed particles). We adhere to these stringent federal shredding standards in all relevant areas, including:

  • Personnel screening: TrueShred thoroughly vets every prospective TrueShred employee to ensure they meet the high GSA standards — and our own. Our uniformed representatives are licensed, bonded, insured and subject to rigorous background checks and random drug testing, both conducted on an ongoing basis.
  • Operational and facility security: TrueShred operates a secure destruction facility in Manassas, VA. TrueShred’s secure, NAID AAA Certified facility has restricted access zones and 24/7 video surveillance throughout the entire premises, inside and out. Our facility security is also randomly audited by NAID to ensure that the highest levels of security compliance are maintained.
  • Secure destruction process: TrueShred ensures a secure “chain of custody” for your sensitive material from the moment it is removed from your office/storage area to the moment it is shredded. Our uniformed CSRs have photo identification. They are also licensed, bonded, insured and subject to ongoing background checks and random drug testing. TrueShred is a family business, locally owned and operated by experienced security industry professionals.
  • Certificate of Destruction: TrueShred issues Certificates of Destruction upon the completion of each shredding visit as audit evidence for HIPAA, FACTA and GLBA compliance.

Government agencies, big and small, deserve secure, reliable destruction services for their sensitive material. Whether you schedule one-time or ongoing shredding services, you can trust TrueShred throughout the entire destruction process.

  • TrueShred GSA contract, GS-03F-0131Y, offers GSA approved discounted pricing to all federal agencies.
  • TrueShred is a NAID AAA Certified company – the highest level of certification awarded in our industry. NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) is the international oversight association for companies providing information destruction services. Certification ensures TrueShred’s commitment and compliance with the stringent security practices and procedures established by NAID.
  • TrueShred has a variety of secured locking containers available for your office or agency: Executive Consoles (100LB capacity), 65 Gallon Rolling Bins (250LB Capacity), and 95 Gallon Rolling Bins (340LB Capacity).
  • We serve government offices and agencies throughout the greater Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.

TrueShred is a small, woman-owned company, certified by the United States Government. Trust your local, family-owned and operated, secure destruction company for all of your shredding needs.

If you’re looking for customized shredding solutions from an award-winning mobile destruction company that’s GSA-approved and has excellent customer reviews, contact TrueShred online for a free estimate or call (888) 750-8783 to learn more.

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”I have worked with several document destruction companies over the past ten years and until contracting with TrueShred, I hadn’t met a company with which I felt so compelled to share with professional colleagues. TrueShred’s personnel are always polite, considerate, timely and attentive. . . I trust all of my future shredding needs to TrueShred!”