On-Site Paper Shredding

Reliable, secure document shredding is essential for businesses in virtually every industry. Managing the process in-house takes time, pulling employees away from more productive activities. TrueShred is an award-winning, NAID AAA Certified shredding company that comes to you for your document destruction needs.

On-site paper shredding is a convenient and cost-effective way to destroy unwanted documents and mixed media materials. With our industry-leading mobile shredding trucks, we will shred your materials curbside at your facility. We securely recycle the destroyed particles, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

TrueShred offers affordable, secure, on-site shredding services that remove the burden of paper disposal from your shoulders. Call us today!


How Mobile Shredding Service Works

TrueShred performs document shredding on your schedule, whether you require a one-time appointment or recurring services that happen weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Our confidential shredding services simplify the secure document destruction process:

  • Secure container delivery: TrueShred delivers secure containers, consoles or bins to your facility. You can deposit all documents and sensitive materials into these containers.
  • Paper shredding trucks arrival: On the appointed day of service, TrueShred’s mobile paper shredding trucks come to your organization. Our uniformed professionals pick up the secure containers and securely transport them to the shred trucks.
  • Curbside shredding: The highly trained TrueShred team uses industry-best locking equipment to destroy confidential materials curbside at your facility. You can watch while the team destroys your documents in 100% real-time on-site, ensuring operations are transparent and providing peace of mind.
  • Documented destruction and service completion: Once your documents are shredded, we securely recycle the destroyed particles in a compliant, environmentally sustainable manner. TrueShred will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction and an inventoried list of shredded materials for your records to fulfill auditing requirements.

Our shredding trucks can accommodate whatever you need to destroy. We handle paper files and sensitive or confidential documents to meet your unique needs.

What Are the Benefits of Our Mobile Shredder Services?

An experienced, accomplished mobile document shredding company like TrueShred will deliver numerous benefits to your organization:

  • Lower document destruction costs: Utilizing our services is less expensive than purchasing, maintaining and repairing your own shredder. You also won’t need to pay an employee to perform the task.
  • Enhanced security: Our expertise in discreetly handling sensitive information ensures that the wrong people can’t access your sensitive information.
  • Convenience: We’ll arrange to send one of our mobile shredding trucks to your facility on your schedule. Our team members manage the entire process from start to finish, removing the burden from your shoulders.
  • Certified compliance: Our services help businesses maintain their compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as the compliance standards for the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) and the Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA).

Industries We Serve

At TrueShred, we deliver customized mobile shredding services to companies across a broad spectrum of industries:

  • Medical record shredding: Medical service providers face increasingly strict compliance, security and privacy requirements when destroying records. TrueShred delivers Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant shredding service.
  • Legal document shredding: Law firms and legal entities must comply with various legislations to safeguard client privacy. TrueShred assists legal organizations in destroying records and issues certificates of destruction for compliance records.
  • Accounting and financial paper shredding: Financial and accounting entities must comply with federal laws like the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA) and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA). Our professional shredding services and records help financial institutions align with legal document destruction best practices.
  • Nonprofit document shredding: Nonprofit organizations have a high volume of materials — CDs, DVDs, computer hard drives, invoices and vendor/donor information. Every dollar counts for nonprofits. Still, dated documents and materials must be appropriately destroyed. TrueShred helps nonprofit organizations professionally and cost-effectively shred unwanted records and materials.
  • SME document shredding: Small and medium-sized businesses are vulnerable to theft of sensitive records and data. Our mobile shredding trucks help small companies safeguard sensitive information through affordable destruction services.
  • Government document shredding: Government and municipal agencies deal with bulk volumes of personal and sensitive information. The regulatory landscape is stringent, and the compliance benchmark is high for agencies. TrueShred is a GSA- or General Services Administration-approved record shredding company adhering to strict privacy and data protection laws.
  • Scanned document shredding: Scanning companies accumulate significant volumes of paperwork. The documents — legal records, insurance documents, private communications and personal documents — are often sensitive. TrueShred delivers ongoing bulk shredding services to help scanning companies comply with privacy laws and regulations.
  • Educational record shredding: Educational institutions must adhere to significant standards in storing and destroying academic documents. TrueShred’s on-site shredding service assists higher education institutions and schools in seamlessly destroying student and faculty records.
  • Manufacturing document shredding: Manufacturing plants and facilities are targets of criminals due to the sensitive nature of the documents they keep. To minimize the risk of corporate espionage and data leaks, TrueShred securely destroys documents on-site. The materials don’t have to leave the premises to be destroyed.
  • Real estate document shredding: Title and real estate companies handle sensitive materials for property owners and clients. Materials range from paperwork to ID badges, DVDs and other media. TrueShred destroys materials to help real estate companies safeguard personal and sensitive information.

Types of Materials Shredded

Keeping your records and materials confidential and secure is imperative. TrueShred helps commercial, governmental and residential customers securely destroy sensitive documents throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

We are NAID AAA Certified, meaning we adhere to stringent guidelines and follow precise industry standards to provide trusted shredding services. The highly trained and professional TrueShred team destroys:

  • Legal papers
  • Bank statements
  • Health records
  • X-rays
  • Sensitive customer and employee information
  • Hard drives and computer backups
  • CD-ROMs, CD-Rs and DVDs
  • Videotapes, LTO tapes and cassette tapes
  • ID badges and uniforms
  • Product samples and prototypes

The TrueShred mobile service team leverages high-powered equipment to destroy documents, media and other sensitive materials at your facility efficiently and securely.

Why Partner With TrueShred?

Partnering with TrueShred for document shredding offers numerous advantages. We provide:

  • Knowledge and expertise: Our highly trained team delivers professional and expert service you can count on. TrueShred has helped thousands of organizations and individuals safely destroy documents.
  • Future-focused service: TrueShred consistently improves our offerings and optimizes processes to provide first-rate customer experiences. We focus on streamlining everything from our website to how we shred your documents to give you an optimal experience.
  • A client-centric approach: We value customer service. Our client testimonials and success stories speak for themselves.
  • Secure shredding: Our on-site shredding process eliminates document disposal risks, especially when handling sensitive information you don’t want unauthorized individuals to see.
  • Reliable and convenient work: The TrueShred team always arrives on the appointed day of service. We handle every step of the document destruction process on your schedule.
  • Cost-efficient solutions: Our services are more cost effective than attempting to manage the process in-house. You’ll avoid taking employees away from more business-essential activities and paying exorbitant fees to maintain office shredding equipment.
  • Sustainable practices: Once we safely destroy your unwanted documents, we securely recycle the particles as part of our commitment to sustainable services. Shredded paper is easier to recycle. TrueShred saves hundreds of thousands of trees annually through our secure shredding and recycling process.

Streamline Your Document Destruction With On-Site Shredding Services

Mobile shredding services offer your organization the convenience of document shredding at an affordable price. TrueShred holds National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) AAA certification, the highest marks for trustworthy service. You can trust our highly trained professional team to destroy your documents effectively with specialized, industry-leading mobile shredding trucks.

Streamline document destruction with a secure, cost-effective, reliable, professional shredding service. Complete our online form or request a free pricing quote. Call us today!

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”I have worked with several document destruction companies over the past ten years and until contracting with TrueShred, I hadn’t met a company with which I felt so compelled to share with professional colleagues. TrueShred’s personnel are always polite, considerate, timely and attentive. . . I trust all of my future shredding needs to TrueShred!”