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Does your office or business need scheduled shredding services? TrueShred brings high-tech, mobile shredding trucks to your location and performs secure document destruction on-site. Alternatively, we also conduct secure paper shredding at our state-of-the-art destruction facility.

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The Significance of Document Security

At TrueShred, we understand the value and importance of keeping your confidential documents secure. With identity fraud rising, paper shredding is no longer an option — it’s a necessity. In 2022, data breaches impacted 294 million people in the U.S. Although many breaches are digital, physical records, materials and documents are still being leveraged by criminals.

Whether you are looking to destroy legal papers, bank statements, health records, or any other private information or if you’re a business that needs to keep its customers’ and employees’ sensitive information safe, we will handle your paper shredding needs safely and securely.

TrueShred is the leading shredding company serving residents and commercial customers throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. We are NAID AAA certified, meaning we must adhere to strict guidelines and precise industry standards to provide secure paper shredding services mandated by our trade association, the National Association for Information Destruction. You can feel confident knowing we will deliver the highest possible security standards to our customers.

TrueShred Secure Document Destruction Services

As a NAID AAA Certified mobile shredding company, TrueShred serves businesses and government agencies throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. We have the knowledge and expertise to comply with the processes and policies of any business or organization. We provide both on-site and off-site shredding services.

On-Site Shredding Service

On-site shredding is great for businesses looking for immediate destruction that you witness first-hand. Mobile shredders are custom-designed vehicles with a built-in industrial shredder that come directly to your place of business and shred materials on the spot. Customers are encouraged to observe the procedure and are issued a Certificate of Destruction upon completion.

Off-Site Shredding Service

Off-site shredding is best for businesses with bulk files in boxes who would like to have their files securely destroyed, and their cardboard boxes removed and recycled as well.  Off-site service is as simple as scheduling TrueShred to securely retrieve your file boxes, and their contents are then destroyed at our local destruction facility.

Unlike other shredding companies, we maintain a strict chain of custody of your documents to ensure they don’t end up in the wrong hands. Like on-site shredding, you’ll be issued a Certificate of Destruction once the project is finished.

Benefits of Partnering With TrueShred

TrueShred provides certified NAID document destruction to organizations and individuals in the DC, MD and VA regions. We offer:

  • Secure shredding: We leverage our secure chain of custody to ensure your confidential materials are destroyed and then recycled with other tonnage of particles. No unauthorized individual can access your data.
  • Cost-effective pricing: Our shredding services are competitively priced and are less than the labor and maintenance costs of destroying documents in-house.
  • Customer-centric support: TrueShred cultivates long-term customer partnerships, delivering first-rate, secure and efficient service. We have helped thousands of satisfied customers who vouch for shredding service.
  • Convenient service: Your organization dictates whether you want assistance on-site or off-site. You do not have to remove staples and paper clips before depositing your documents into our secure bins. Our industry-leading shredding machinery quickly destroys these items with the paperwork. You also won’t need to carry boxes — the TrueShred professionals transport containers securely to our shredding trucks or destruction facility.
  • Reliable appointments: TrueShred always arrives on the appointed day of service. We value your time and take our commitment to serving you seriously.

Our Secure Document Destruction Process

TrueShred leverages advanced technology and stringent protocols to ensure our destruction process is secure, efficient and sustainable.

On-Site Shedding Process

TrueShred delivers on-site services if you prefer destroying documents at your facility. Our on-site shredding services include:

  • Delivery of secure containers: TrueShred provides secure bins or consoles. Your team can deposit all documents and sensitive materials in the containers in preparation for shredding.
  • Curbside shredding: On the scheduled service day, TrueShred’s uniformed team members collect the secure bins and securely transport them to the mobile shredding trucks. Our highly trained team destroys your documents curbside using industry-leading equipment. You can monitor shredding in real-time via a secure closed-circuit video feed.
  • Inventory listing and completion: Once we complete the shredding, we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your compliance records. The destroyed particles are recycled, ensuring no one accesses your documents at any point.

Off-Site Shredding Process

We offer bulk document shredding services at our Manassas, Virginia, destruction facility. On the appointed service day, our uniformed team collects and secures your file boxes in one of our secure collection trucks. The trucks carry your documents to our state-of-the-art destruction facility, shred them and securely recycle the destroyed particles. Once destruction is complete, we issue a destruction certificate for your records.

TrueShred also accepts drop-offs at our facility if you prefer to carry your documents to our location.

Data Security and Chain of Custody

TrueShred ensures your data remains secure and shredded so that no one will ever access your files or mixed media materials. We leverage secure bins to keep your items safe during collection. Our uniformed team collects the containers, carries them to mobile shredding trucks and immediately shreds the materials — no one handles or intercepts the documents. You can supervise the process via secure video feeds.

We take a similar approach to off-site destruction. We safely transport your materials to be destroyed at our on-site destruction facility. We issue destruction certificates for your records.

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By shredding your confidential information, you are not only doing your part to reduce crime in the DMV area but also helping to protect our environment by reducing the amount of waste dumped in our landfills.

TrueShred offers numerous shredding services designed to meet the needs of both residents and commercial clients in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Our fast, friendly and reliable paper shredding services are secure and privacy law-compliant, affordable and provide peace of mind.

Streamline your document destruction processes — contact our team online or request a service quote.

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”I have worked with several document destruction companies over the past ten years and until contracting with TrueShred, I hadn’t met a company with which I felt so compelled to share with professional colleagues. TrueShred’s personnel are always polite, considerate, timely and attentive. . . I trust all of my future shredding needs to TrueShred!”