One-Time Paper Shredding

Whether you have a few boxes of paper or an entire facility full of documents and media materials, TrueShred will deliver reliable and efficient one-time paper shredding services curbside or off-site at our local destruction facility.

TrueShred is a NAID certified and the local go-to shredding service provider in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia. We deliver one-time or recurring bulk shredding services at competitive prices.

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The Importance of Shredding Your Documents

Criminals leverage your confidential business documents to steal sensitive information about your organization, staff and customers. Professional shredding services are the only way to safeguard your paperwork and mixed media materials.

TrueShred provides your organization with secure consoles and bins to deposit your stockpile files, records, paperwork, and mixed media materials like DVDs, CDs, flash drives and hard drives. Our highly trained team collects these containers from you and securely destroys them curbside at your facility. Our secure chain of custody and superior destruction procedures ensure your data does not get into unauthorized hands.

Our One-Time Paper Shredding Services

Our one-time shredding service is ideal for businesses that don’t have regular shredding requirements but need to securely dispose of many papers quickly. Bulk shredding services are also the perfect solution for companies dealing with a high volume of sensitive documents, like scanning businesses.

TrueShred delivers curbside or off-site shredding services for commercial entities, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and small businesses.

On-Site Services

TrueShred provides on-site services if you prefer your documents to be destroyed on your premises. Our mobile bulk shredding services include:

  • Delivery of secure containers: TrueShred delivers secure containers to your premises. All documents and sensitive materials are deposited in these locking bins or consoles to prepare for shredding.
  • Bulk shredding services: On the scheduled day of service, TrueShred’s uniformed team members collect the secure bins and move them to the high-powered mobile shredding trucks. Your team is welcome to witness the entire shredding process via our onboard CCTV screens.
  • Inventory listing and completion: Once our highly trained team finishes destroying the confidential documents, we issue a Certificate of Destruction, allowing you to create an audit trail and ensure regulatory compliance. The TrueShred team will securely recycle destroyed particles, providing peace of mind and creating numerous environmental benefits for our planet.

Off-Site Services

We also provide bulk document shredding services at our Manassas, VA, destruction facility. TrueShred’s highly trained, NAID Certified team members use industry-leading destruction equipment to destroy your sensitive material and securely recycle the shredded particles.

TrueShred offers a bulk shredding drop-off service where you bring the papers to our secure facility at your convenience.

Why Choose TrueShred for One-Time Shredding?

TrueShred offers National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) AAA Certified shredding services, ensuring that we adhere to the strict standards for employee hiring and screening, facility and operational security, the document destruction process and insurance requirements. We provide:

  • Reliable shredding: TrueShred is also the most reliable bulk shredding company in our region. We’ll show up on the appointed day of service and perform the destruction work efficiently and securely.
  • Competitive pricing: We are a local, family-operated business, ensuring we deliver quality service at the best prices. Our pricing is straightforward, with no surcharges or surprise fees.
  • Responsive service: When you contact TrueShred, we are easy to reach, responsive and reliable — arriving on the scheduled day of service without failure.
  • Secure solutions: With our NAID AAA Certification and other endorsements, we expertly manage everything from confidential material pickup for shredding purposes to the secure recycling of destroyed materials. Our robust end-to-end bulk shredding solutions ensure a secure chain of custody throughout the process.
  • Compliance records: TrueShred issues Certificates of Destruction for you to file for compliance purposes, adhering to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) and Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA).
  • Customer-centric support: We value cultivating long-term customer partnerships and delivering first-rate service regardless of job size. We have helped thousands of customers safely destroy confidential materials quickly and securely.

Types of Documents Suitable for One-Time Shredding

TrueShred leverages industry-leading, heavy-duty mobile shredding trucks to destroy various items curbside at your facility. Some of the materials we eliminate include:

  • Documents — with or without staples or paper clips
  • Files
  • Hard drives
  • DVDs
  • Backup devices
  • CD-ROMs
  • CD-Rs
  • Videotapes
  • Cassette tapes
  • ID badges
  • Uniforms
  • X-rays
  • Microfiche
  • Product samples
  • Prototypes

Securing Your Data and Ensuring Confidentiality

Having your records, data and sensitive information breached can have catastrophic consequences for your business, customers and employees. TrueShred is committed to helping organizations destroy their documents cost-effectively and efficiently.

We deploy a stringent shredding protocol and chain of custody process to ensure your files, records and other sensitive information are securely destroyed. We deliver secure containers for you to deposit your items in preparation for shredding. On the appointed service day, our uniformed team collects your bins and carries them to the mobile shredding trucks to destroy. You are welcome to witness the entire process.

No one handles your documents — the materials move from your space directly into the shredders. The shredded particles are recycled with other document particles, making deciphering content impossible.

Our professional team, strict chain of custody and industry-leading equipment will ensure secure data destruction and confidentiality every step of the way.

Bulk Paper Shredding for Scanning Companies

TrueShred handles one-time paper shredding services for any commercial establishment, including bulk shredding for scanning companies. We recognize that these businesses deal with bulk amounts of documents that they must destroy adequately to protect their client’s sensitive data and comply with federal regulations.

TrueShred has the expertise and experience to perform large-scale shredding for all types of sensitive documents, including:

  • Financial, legal and medical records
  • Insurance documents
  • Confidential communications and correspondence
  • Real estate and property records


A Trusted Bulk Shredding Company Serving All Industries

TrueShred has extensive experience serving all industries and destroying various documents in the DMV area:

  • Legal document shredding: Law firms and legal entities must safeguard client information and comply with various recordkeeping and data management legislation. On-site shredding effectively destroys documents and provides records of destruction for compliance purposes.
  • Real estate document shredding: Title and real estate companies handle highly sensitive information for property owners and clients. Bulk shredding of dated documents and deeds ensures data doesn’t fall into criminal hands.
  • Financial document shredding: Financial and accounting entities deal with privileged and confidential information. Leaking of financial data can be devastating to your organization and customers. One-time bulk shredding will destroy obsolete, high-risk documents safely.
  • Medical records shredding: Medical service providers are under strict regulations to keep records confidential and to destroy documents adequately to safeguard information. On-site bulk shredding ensures records are destroyed without leaving your facility, and a Certificate of Destruction will assist with HIPAA compliance recordkeeping.
  • Government document shredding: Government and municipal agencies record and maintain various personal and sensitive information. Legislation requires government entities to destroy documents and confidential information so that they are completely indecipherable. TrueShred offers GSA-approved shredding services to ensure local and state entities securely destroy and recycle shredded particles.
  • Nonprofit document shredding: Nonprofit organizations need to account for and stretch every dollar received. Still, nonprofits are not exempt from compliance laws and safeguarding sensitive personal, donor, vendor and staff information. TrueShred delivers trusted and affordable service.
  • Educational record shredding: Educational institutions have large volumes of faculty and student records that must be securely destroyed when no longer needed. On-site shredding enables institutions to destroy documents following a strict chain of custody process.
  • Business document shredding: Small and medium-sized businesses are vulnerable to theft of physical materials due to the lack of sophisticated infrastructure that large enterprises have in place. One-time shredding services reduce criminals’ opportunities to access sensitive materials.
  • Manufacturing document shredding: Manufacturing plants and facilities have various prototypes, product samples and highly confidential materials that leave these entities at risk. Destroying sensitive documents and materials via bulk on-site shredding reduces the risk of corporate espionage and unauthorized access to information.

Shredding Services in Washington, DC


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