Benefits to Hiring a Professional On-Site Shredding Company

Posted on: April 17, 2018

Secure document shredding has always been important when it comes to keeping a company, and its clients, safe. But it’s something that has only gained in its importance over the years, and so now more than ever companies big and small are looking to beef up their shredding game as part of their growing security plans.

So why hire a pro? And past that point, why hire a pro that offers on-site shredding? Can it really be that big of a deal? Answers to these questions and more are coming right at you by way of the professionals at TrueShred!

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Why Hire a Professional Shredding Company?

If you’re returning to our blog then you know we’ve discussed this topic ad nauseum recently. But it’s important to discuss, worthwhile, and not everyone is familiar with the ways of going pro, so we’ll hit the high points here once more:

  • Professional shredding is certified safe for all of your document shredding needs
  • Professional shredding is fast and efficient, and can even boost productivity in your workplace
  • It’s eco-friendly since many modern professional shredding teams include comprehensive recycling programs
  • Professional shredding saves you the cost of purchasing and maintaining your own shredding equipment, as well as the cost of labor required to dedicate your own team to the task

If you would like an even further in-depth look at working with a pro versus handling it all on your own, we would suggest checking out our “DIY Paper Shredding Versus Hiring a Pro” comprehensive post.

But Why On-Site Shredding?

Many shredding companies offer you bins to place your documents in, then simply come and pick them up to haul them to their own facilities at a designated time. It gets the job done okay, but it misses out on something very important: A guaranteed single chain of custody.

When a shredding team comes to your company and shreds everything that needs shredding right then and there, it’s all said and done. The only people who handled those documents are certified and uniformed members of our team, and you can literally watch it all happen.

Additionally, on-site shredding is faster and more efficient as well. The documents are picked up and handled for barely minutes before the bins are returned to right where they belong in your business, letting you get back to things with barely a hiccup before we’re done and gone again—until you need us next!

Professional Secure Document and Media Shredding in MD, VA, and DC

Thinking about hiring a professional shredding team to handle your business’ security needs? Contact the professionals at TrueShred! You can either give us a go with a one-time service or schedule ongoing services to handle all of your business security requirements. Just contact us online to get started now!

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