Secure Shredding Service for Alexandria, Virginia

Do you need secure document shredding services for your Alexandria business or residence? Don’t let those confidential records and personal documents pile up! Call TrueShred. You no longer need to pack up your files and transport them to another location to be shredded. We’ll come directly to your Alexandria location and shred your documents curbside in our shredding truck! TrueShred delivers convenience and security.

TrueShred provides convenient, secure chain of custody document and electronic media destruction services for residential and commercial business of all sizes.

For paper and document shredding services in Alexandria, VA, contact TrueShred today. Reach us online or by calling (888) 322-3218.

Document Shredding Services in Alexandria, VA

We have services for every shredding necessity. If you don’t see what you need here, call us for a customized solution. We will tailor our paper shredding services to meet and exceed your shredding needs. And don’t forget, we will come directly to your Alexandria location!

Confidential Commercial On-Site Document Destruction For:

One-Time Shredding For:

  • End-of-retention-period bulk shredding
  • Estate settling document shredding
  • Other bulk shredding projects

Ongoing Shredding For:

Request pricing information for our shredding services. Get rid of your unwanted documents and records today!

Secure Bins & Consoles for Confidential Document Destruction

For businesses and organizations in the Alexandria area with larger-scale shredding needs, TrueShred provides secure, locked bins and consoles to keep your documents secure until your scheduled shredding service.

Alexandria Secure Paper & Document Shredding

TrueShred complies with HIPAA requirements and strictly adheres to all requirements and regulations for the secure destruction of confidential materials. Our operations manual sets forth the policies and procedures required of our drivers to service consoles and bins, transport confidential material to the truck, and securely shred the material.

Benefits of Mobile Paper Shredding:

  • It’s easy – You don’t have to remove staples or paper clips from your documents. Our shredding truck destroys them easily, saving you time and annoyance.
  • It’s convenient – We come to you. You don’t have to load and unload boxes or stacks of paper—we do it all, at your location!
  • It’s secure – With our secure chain of custody, you don’t have to worry about your personal information being accessed from the trash. Your confidential documents go straight from your home or office to our uniformed employee to the shredder. All shred waste is recycled.
  • It saves time and labor – Let us shred your personal documents and you’ll have one less task to worry about!

What Other Items Can Be Shredded?

Our heavy-duty mobile shredding trucks can also destroy:

  • CD-ROMs and CD-Rs
  • DVDs
  • Computer backups
  • Microfiche
  • X-rays
  • Videotapes and cassette tapes
  • Product samples and prototypes
  • Uniforms and ID badges

Why We Service Alexandria, Virginia

Internationally renowned charities, government agencies, and numerous Fortune 500 companies are based in Alexandria, Virginia. From legal proceedings to donor records, there is no shortage of sensitive information flowing through our little city this side of the Potomac. At TrueShred, our teams understand the importance of keeping confidential information related to personnel, donors, criminal investigations, and business activities out of the wrong hands. Our clients include some of the area’s top employers, and we have broad experience working with a vast array of industries, including many of the state and federal agencies located in the region.

Our teams are highly trained and thoroughly investigated. We make sure that we hire only the best people to perform the destruction of our clients’ records. Whether we are disposing of CD-ROMS, computer backups, physical files, or other media, our clients depend on us to ensure the total destruction of data. Our detailed and strictly controlled document destruction procedures ensure that medical records, financial records, legal records, and more are properly accounted for and disposed of in accordance with HIPAA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and other applicable regulatory requirements.

Why You Should Hire TrueShred in Alexandria, Virginia

Our award-winning mobile shredding company is NAID AAA certified. When you hire our team, we will develop a customized shredding solution that matches the needs of your operations. We offer secure bins and consoles for easy collection and disposal of your sensitive information. From collection and pickup to destruction and disposal, it is our pleasure to service clients of all sizes, and all industries, located in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Most Valuable Thing We Offer Is Trust.

  1. Trust our team – TrueShred is a locally owned and operated family business founded by security industry professionals. Read the reviews of TrueShred.
  2. Trust our security – TrueShred ensures a secure chain of custody for your sensitive material from the time we leave your office to the conclusion of the curbside shredding process.
  3. Trust our compliance – TrueShred issues Certificates of Destruction for your HIPAA, FACTA, or Gramm-Leach-Bliley compliance records.
  4. Trust our reliability – TrueShred arrives on your scheduled date or your service is free. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed—period!
  5. Trust our pricing – TrueShred pricing is simple, fair, and straightforward with no surcharges and no surprises. Get a free estimate today.

We encourage you to contact TrueShred at (888) 322-3218 for more information about our mobile shredding solutions. It is our pleasure to answer your questions and provide a free estimate based on your document disposal requirements. 

Schedule Document Shredding Services

When you need secure shredding services in Alexandria, VA, contact TrueShred. Get a FREE estimate today by filling out our simple contact form or calling us at 888-322-3218!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Benefits to Outsourcing My Business’s Shredding Needs? 

Outsourcing for your secure document destruction needs carries many cost-saving and security advantages. By not having to maintain your own equipment and not needing to devote your own labor to shredding, you save time and money, and our team can guarantee total document destruction that adheres to all safety standards.

Do We Have to Remove Staples and Paper Clips?

You don’t! Our cutting-edge industrial shredding vehicles can chew through staples and clips with ease, and process up to 8,000 lbs. of material an hour.

What Happens to the Paper After Our Documents Are Destroyed?

TrueShred takes our environmental responsibilities seriously. All materials that our team shreds are 100% recycled after we make certain that all documents have been fully processed and rendered useless according to NAID standards. We’re partnered with compliant recycling facilities and retain a single chain of custody for all of your shredded materials.

How Do You Ensure Privacy and Security Compliance?

From beginning to end, TrueShred maintains a single chain of custody for your shredded materials. This means that the only personnel in contact with your shredded documents are trained, experienced, and screened TrueShred professionals.

When you seek service with our team we will issue locked consoles and bins according to your business’s needs. Our team members will arrive, empty these receptacles, and load them directly onto our industrial shredding trucks where the documents will be destroyed right there on-site.

Do You Issue a Certificate of Destruction?

A Certificate of Destruction is provided after each service, whether it’s a one-time shredding job or an ongoing shredding service. Our certificates are suitable as evidence for HIPAA, FACTA, and GLB compliance should you need them for an audit.

What Are Shred Events?

Shred events are pre-scheduled events where our team will be curbside at a specific location on a given day. During our shred events, businesses can come by and drop off documents that need shredding—the service is great for spring cleaning, smaller businesses that don’t need heavy-duty ongoing shredding, or when you find yourself with an excess of unwanted materials. Check our event calendar to find out when TrueShred will be near your Alexandria business!

Do You Only Offer On-Site Shredding?

We choose to provide on-site shredding only, yes. It’s the best way for our team to ensure the single chain of custody is never broken, which protects your business and ours.

I Have More Questions About Shredding! 

At TrueShred we feel that informed clients are happy clients, and we genuinely love telling others more about what we do! We keep a full range of resources, including a routinely updated blog, and a “shredding 101” resource that holds information about our recycling standards, what to shred and what to keep, and why choosing to shred documents is ideal.

If you want to connect with a shredding expert in Alexandria, call (888) 322-3218 any time!

Upcoming Events

10:00 am Monthly Community Shredding
Monthly Community Shredding
Jul 9 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Recycling Event To accommodate residential and small business clients, TrueShred offers a paper shredding drop-off option. Bring your medium sized boxes (Regular Bankers Box) of sensitive papers and for just $10 per box watch the
Dennis R. Akers, Audit Supervisor - Virginia Department of Taxation

”TrueShred was prompt, efficient, clean and extremely professional. I plan to continue to use your service and will highly recommend TrueShred to other businesses.”